Revolutionize Your Water with PT-252 Yamizu Bow.

Introduction to the YAMIZU Filter

Discover How Our Advanced Water Filter Can Provide Clean, Healthy, and Energized Water for You and Your Family.

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow Water Filter is a groundbreaking product that utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver clean, safe, and healthy drinking water. With its ability to eliminate harmful bacteria within a mere second, the Yamizu water filter system serves as an exceptional water sterilizer and instant bacteriostatic water generator.

Experience the Power of Restructured Water with the PT-252 Yamizu Bow Water Filter System.

Revolutionary Technology for Enhanced Water Vitality and Healthier Living.

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow water filter system offers an innovative filtration technology that enhances the quality of drinking water by restructuring water molecules and improving the vitality of water. By mimicking the crystal structure of healthy water found in nature through the use of water-sensitive crystallization technology, it creates an orderly and harmonious structure, which is indicative of healthy water.

Tap water molecule
Tap Water
Structured water molecule
Yamizu Structured Water

Technology Behind YAMIZU® Energizer.

Transforming Tap Water into Energized and Revitalized Water.

YAMIZU® energizer utilizes advanced water technology to mechanically process and correct the structure of tap water. By increasing the amount of structured water and reducing non-structured water, this process enhances water quality and makes it softer, smoother to taste, and slightly alkaline.

Installing a YAMIZU unit means having access to well-structured water with molecules that easily penetrate cells, leading to improved cell cleansing, health, and psycho-physical abilities. Research has shown positive effects of YAMIZU® energized water on general health and the immune system.

Diagram to explain the technology of the Yamizu filter
Manufacturing process.

Product Made In Taiwan, with the manufacturing process adhering to RoHS specifications and certified by RoHS and TUV for water quality testing.

The manufacturing process includes:

  • Special titanium alloy plate cutting
  • Grinding
  • Removing burrs to produce inner strip material
  • Rotating and cutting grooves of different lengths
  • Surface cleaning and dirt removal
  • Cutting food-grade stainless steel tube
  • Rolling grooves
  • Placing inner coil strips and special magnetic minerals into the tube
  • Bending the tube at different angles
  • Adding screw fittings to the inlet and outlet ends

Some benefits:

  • Improved structure and vitality of drinking water
  • Restructuring of water molecules and binding into small clumps for efficient cell penetration
  • Acceleration of cleansing organismal process and promotion of overall health
  • Softer water with a better taste
  • Slightly alkaline water
  • Utilizes water-sensitive crystallization for orderly and harmonious structure
  • Mimics the crystal structure of healthy water found in nature
  • Shows regular formation of crystal arrangements in a central tetrahedral core and primary and secondary branching systems
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Certification and Testing