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We provide our discerning customers with high-quality product that is both effective and safe for everyday use. As a testament to our commitment to quality, we have conducted multiple tests and obtained various certifications to ensure that our product meets the highest standards.

YAMIZU PT-252: Proven to Deliver Safe and Pure Drinking Water

TUV Rheinland

The YAMIZU PT-252 water filter has received certification from TUV Rheinland, a renowned independent testing and certification organization. The test report indicates that our product effectively reduced the total bacterial count in water, making it safe for drinking and other uses. In fact, the bacterial count was reduced from 13 CFU/L to 1 CFU/L, which translates to a whopping 93% reduction in bacterial count! This certification serves as irrefutable evidence that our product is capable of eliminating harmful bacteria and providing pure, safe drinking water.

RoHS Certification

Furthermore, our filter has also received the RoHS Certification from “SFT Safety,” which is awarded to products that meet the stringent regulations on the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This certification reflects our unwavering commitment to producing products that are not only effective but also environmentally safe.

Glass of milk certification and testing

Test Result 1: Milk Quality

Our YAMIZU water filter has proven to significantly reduce the number of bacteria in milk samples. To be precise, before using our filter, milk samples were found to have between 200K and 300K bacteria per 1ml. However, after using our product, the total number of bacteria per 1ml of milk decreased significantly to less than 130K.

In one noteworthy case, a milk tank sample showed an extraordinary reduction in bacterial count. Prior to using our filter, the sample contained 73,000 bacteria per 1ml of milk. However, after using our YAMIZU water filter, the bacterial count dropped to less than 4,000 per 1ml of milk. This remarkable result serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our product in improving the quality and safety of milk.

Test Result 2: Vineyard and Orchard Use

We have tested our YAMIZU water filter for its effectiveness in vineyards and orchards. The results were remarkable: when sprayed after rain or humidity, our product was found to reduce downy mildew by more than 70%.

What does this mean for agriculture? Well, it’s clear that our water filter can be a powerful tool for farmers looking to reduce their reliance on chemical additives. Instead, our product offers a natural and effective alternative, improving plant health and reducing diseases without harming the environment.


Test Result 3: Barringtonia Racemosa Trial

Our YAMIZU water filter has been tested in the growth of Barringtonia racemosa (Small-leaved Barringtonia) seeds. After replacing the water in the cup with YAMIZU water, we observed a remarkable transformation. Over the course of 10 days, the stem gradually turned green and eventually returned to its normal green color. This is a strong indication that our product can be a powerful tool in improving the growth and health of plants.

We believe that this result is particularly significant because it demonstrates the versatility of our water filter. Whether you’re a farmer looking to improve your crop yields or a horticulturist hoping to cultivate healthier plants, our product has the potential to make a real difference.

Test Result 4: Spinach Experiment

We have conducted an experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of our YAMIZU water filter in the recovery of wilted spinach. The spinach was placed in two separate glasses – one filled with tap water and the other filled with YAMIZU water.

After 6-8 hours, the spinach in the tap water glass remained wilted, while the spinach in the YAMIZU water glass had visibly recovered, showing signs of improved health. This experiment highlights the ability of our product to keep produce fresh and healthy for a longer period.

Test Result 5: Small Grass

We conducted a test of the PT-252 Yamizu Bow filter on a patch of grass. Our test involved the placement of two slender blades of grass of identical length into two cups, each with the same voluminous capacity. One of these cups was filled with tap water, while the other cup was filled with Yamizu Water, which had undergone the process of filtration via the Yamizu Bow.

After carefully situating the two cups on an indoor window sill, we awaited the results of our experiment for a period of three days. The grass in the cup filled with Yamizu Water exhibited growth that surpassed that of its counterpart in the tap water-filled cup, with a height differential of approximately 1 centimeter. From these findings, it appears that the PT-252 Yamizu Bow can have a positive impact on the growth of plants.

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