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PT-252 Yamizu Bow

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The Small molecules water play very important role in life. Small molecules have strong water activity: strong penetrating power, tension, and solvency. When small molecules of water enter the human body, they can penetrate into human cells, provide nutrients to cells, improve microcirculation, and promote metabolism; and in daily life Application is very wide.  ( Click on the icon to know the details )Our,

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AMAZING Small Molecule Water generator

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow can easy install at the kitchen tap  faucet or bathroom shower, use the bacteriostatic water cleaning the vegetable, fruit, food … etc., also the bacteriostatic water to take a shower improve blood circulation and skin more brighter and fuller.  

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Yamizu test with Yolk Test

Test method: Use two glass cups of the same capacity, the left cup is filled with tap water, and the right is Yamizu water. After breaking an egg, put half of the egg into the left cup, and other half of the egg yolk into the right  cup, let it stand for a few days

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6 Benefits of Drinking Water

6 benefits of drinking more water ! The brain becomes flexible. Water is one of the keys to maintaining the normal functioning of the brain. It is related to brain memory, emotions, and visual concentration, because up to 90% of the blood is water. Blood water carries oxygen into the brain. As long as there

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Yamizu Test with Grass

The PT-252 Yamizu bow good work for general grass growng, we make two  cups of the water, left cup is general water and right cup is the Yamizu water  (Water went through the PT-252 Yamizu Bow ) , after 3 days will easy see  the grass in the right growing higher than the grass in

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About Finesun

Finesun Worldwide Group Inc. was established in Mar. 1991 at Hsinchu Taiwan, basically in medical device Manufacturer and exporter. Moved factory to Huizhou, Guang Dong China in Apr. 2001 and expand Business of Solar Relative products. Set up Chinsun Trade Co., Ltd. at Hong Kong in Mar. 2015 for global business management.
Finesun is one of the leading and most experienced manufacturers of beauty care and health care equipment and accessories, and we specialize in TENS and EMS device. More than 30 years’ experience in producing Beauty care & health fitness massage equipment and accessories enables our company to have strong abilities of research and development manufacturing, sales and marketing. In addition, all products are designed to meet customers’ needs and requirements and are upgraded continuously and rapidly to follow fashion in various markets.
Nowadays, we make efforts to develop human health business, design new product of PT-252 Yamizu Bow to satisfy our customers needs and new expand marketing in human health and green farm field.

The new revolution product of PT-252 Yamizu bow
Have Taiwan and China patent, also have international certificate and test report, will commit to create are well known worldwide for the high quality and satisfy our customer’s needs.

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