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This water filter is a game-changer in the world of water filtration, offering instant bacteria-killing in just one second, making it an excellent water sterilizer and instant bacteriostatic water generator.

Introduction to the YAMIZU® Energizer and Its Benefits.

Providing High-Quality Product.

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow Water Filter incorporates YAMIZU® Energizer technology, which optimizes the structure of water molecules to boost cellular absorption, enhance overall health, and impart numerous benefits. Opting for YAMIZU water aids in mitigating plastic bottle waste, energy consumption, wastewater, and CO2 emissions, rendering it an eco-friendly alternative.

Proven Quality and Safety.

Rigorous testing and certifications have ensured that the PT-252 Yamizu Bow Water Filter adheres to the highest quality and safety standards.

The TUV international test reports and RoHS certification validate that this water filter is safe for use. Moreover, the PT-252 Yamizu Bow boasts patents in Taiwan and China, further attesting to its unique efficacy.

Certification report from TUV about the Yamizu water filter features
Revolutionary Solution for Your Water Needs

PT-252 Yamizu Bow Water Filter Features

Experience the Benefits of Clean, Healthy, and Cost-Effective Water.
Yamizu water filter

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow Water Filter is a groundbreaking and efficient water filtration solution, boasting an array of benefits. It incorporates cutting-edge YAMIZU® Energizer technology and has a user-friendly installation process. In addition, its extended lifespan makes it an environmentally-conscious choice.

The PT-252 filter has the ability to alkalize water, bolster overall well-being, and is an exceptional option for anyone seeking a top-of-the-line water filter. With its unique features and powerful performance, it is a wise investment for those who prioritize clean, healthy water and a sustainable lifestyle.


Easily Installed on Faucet

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow water filter is designed to be easily installed on any standard faucet.


No Filter Element Replaced in 6 Years

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow water filter doesn’t require any filter element replacements for up to 6 years.


TUV and ROHS Certification

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow water filter has been rigorously tested and certified by international organizations, including TUV International and ROHS.


No Plastic Waste

With the PT-252 Yamizu Bow water filter, you don’t have to worry about contributing to plastic waste.

Bacteria Killing

Without Electricity and Chemicals

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow water filter is a powerful bacteria killer that doesn’t require electricity or chemicals to operate

Water Quality

With Bactericidal Effect

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow water filter is an energy-water converter that not only provides clean, healthy water but also has a bactericidal effect.

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