Yamizu: High-end water pioneer, small molecule water


Water nutrition experts point out that small molecule water is high-end water. It is understood that the natural small molecules of alkaline water are a very scarce resource in China, in the country’s Discovery the few water sources are concentrated in the country’s northwest region.

It is scarce in Leizhou Peninsula, Guangdong Province, gold of Badou Yishou springs water sources are found in natural small molecules of alkaline water. The water is in line with the eight criteria of the World Health Organization evaluation of good quality water. By oxygen-17 nuclear magnetic resonance test results is amplitude less than the 65MZ, natural small molecules of water.

The most interesting thing is that Yamizu can convert the drinking water that you consume into pure water with small molecules. An unlimited source of life and good health.

the greatest technological advance in home water processing: YAMIZU

With calm tedious bottled water industry finally has news. At this time every brand is not dare to increase prices lightly today, the high-end bottled water market is simmering, which means small molecule water.

Now anti-market line, whether it can once again become a pioneer in the industry, leading the high-end barrel hold water rise, lead the industry out of the plight of low-price competition? Natural small molecules of alkali officially spring water bottled water to enter the high-end water industry, the product is priced at $ 30 per barrel 5-gallon peer price, the price is much higher than 50%.

As we know, the drinking water industry through its infancy, the import pioneering phase to the phase of rapid development, has genuinely matured, and the market began to be subdivided and formed the basis of the high-water market. It has three excellent conditions, firstly eight standard natural small molecules of alkali springs fully compliant with the World Health Organization evaluation of quality water, secondly pure and free from any contamination, and finally the water is one of the few natural small molecules of water.

Water nutrition experts also say small molecule water is easier to enter into the cells, more water and nutrients into the cells, while the better discharge of wastes and toxins, boosting the body’s immune system, allowing people to health and longevity.