Fruits in small molecules water

Small molecules water plays a vital role in daily life, thanks to its strong penetrating power, tension, and solvency. Here are some of the ways that small molecules of water can be used in various applications.

Application of Small Molecules Water in Food

  1. Soaking fruits and vegetables with small molecules of water not only removes most of the pesticide residues, but also preserves the freshness of the produce.
  2. The fish and meat are soaked with small molecules of water that can eliminate the fishy smell and bloody taste. After shellfish are reared with small molecule water, the meat is delicious and its survival rate is nearly 100%.
  3. The rice is washed with small molecules of water and soaked and cooked. It is more sweet, and the rice grains are crystal clear.
  4. The soup is boiled with small molecules, naturally sweet and delicious.
  5. Regular consumption of boiled small molecules of water can help to adjust the acidic body into a healthy weak base constitution, in addition to having a good taste.
  6. Use Yamizu water to cook colored vegetables (wave vegetables, green soybeans, eggplants, etc.) to prevent discoloration and maintain a beautiful natural color.
  7. The use of small molecules of water to cook beans, red beans will be cooked quickly, lentils, peas will retain their original color; black beans can prevent calcium and magnesium from being difficult to dissolve.
  8. Use small molecules of water to cook eggs (small molecules of water must cover the eggs). The shells are not only easy to peel, but also taste better.
Beans in water
Man holding a soup

Application in Animals and Plants

  1. Using small-molecule water-based flower arrangements, the viewing time will usually be several days longer than normal tap water.
  2. The use of small-molecule water to irrigate flowers will make them grow much faster than normal water use. The number of flower buds will also increase, and flowering time will increase.
  3. When water is used to irrigate trees and potted plants with small molecules of water, the vitality of the plant can be enhanced, life can be extended, and the color of the flowers and leaves can be kept bright to give the most natural colors.
  4. Soaking seeds with small molecules of water can promote germination and enhance vitality.
  5. The use of small-molecule water to breed animals can make them more active and remove the odors from their bodies. The use of small molecules to activate water to help bath pets can also make them more glossy when they are groomed.
Flower in a vase
Pouring water on vegetables

Application in Personal Hygiene

  1. Long-term use of small molecules of water to take a bath and wash their hands can restore the skin’s original tenderness and luster, and help improve skin problems.
  2. If you take a bath with small molecules, there will be no scale, and the bathtub or bath will not produce odors.
  3. Taking a shower with small molecules water will prevent mold from growing in your home bathroom.
  4. Washing hair with small molecules will avoid damaged or rough hair.
  5. The use of small molecules of water to wash dishes is not only more water efficient, but also more powerful.
  6. Washing towels and rags with small molecules of water can remove odors and prevent mold growth.
  7. Washing clothes with small molecules of water not only makes it easy to wash away dirt, but also prevents fading, and saves the use of lotions.
Woman washing dishes
Shower water

Application in Health

  1. Small molecules water can be used to produce hydrogen-rich water, which has antioxidant effects and can effectively scavenge free radicals in the body. It has a wide range of applications in health.
  2. The use of small molecules water for oral administration of Chinese medicine can improve the solubility of traditional Chinese medicine, and improve the absorption rate.
  3. Small molecules water can also be used for disinfection and sterilization to prevent the spread of infection.


In summary, small molecules water has a wide range of applications in daily life, such as food preparation, plant and animal care, and personal hygiene. By taking advantage of its strong water activity, small molecules water can help to provide better nutrition, improve the quality of life.

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