Small Molecule Water Gonverter


The Small molecules of water play a very important role in life. Small molecules have strong water activity: strong penetrating power, tension, and solvency. When small molecules of water enter the human body, they can penetrate into human cells, provide nutrients to cells, improve microcirculation, and promote metabolism; and in daily life, the application is very wide. 

Learn about the most revolutionary invention to kill 93% of bacteria in the water and remove heavy metals.
  1. Drink
  2. Bath or shower
  3. Oral Rinsing
  4. Nasal wash
  5. Disease
  6. Washing
  7. Open wounds and other traumas
  8. Soak legs and feet
  9. Cooking

AMAZING Small Molecule Water generator

The PT-252 Yamizu Bow can easily install on the kitchen tap faucet or bathroom shower, use the bacteriostatic water to clean the vegetable, fruit, food … etc., also the bacteriostatic water to take a shower improves blood circulation and skin brighter and fuller.