PT-252 Yamizu Bow

– Instant Small Molecule water generator !!!

– Convert the RO water into energy small molecule water.

– Make the purify water into energy small molecule water and killed the water bacteria. 

– Can built in the RO system or water purifier and make the water more energy even bacteria free. 

– Install on kitchen faucet and use the bacteriostatic water fir vegetable or fruit cleaning.

-Install on bath room shower and take a shower with bacteriostatic water bring you fresh feeling and improve endorine circulation. 

– Improve soil and promote the growth of crops.

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Instant Small Molecule Water Converter !!!

Convert your home drinking water to Small Molecule water. 

Water Bacteria sterilizer , Water Bacteria killer. 

Keep your fruit or vegetable longer time in fresh.

The benefits of energizer Yamizu water

  • Water passing through the Yamizu bow has its PH value changed, it is alkalized.
  • Water can transport nutrients and oxygen to tissues and organs, and can also excrete waste products (urea, carbon dioxide) produced by cell metabolism through the kidneys or lungs. In cell tissues, water participates in all metabolic hydrolysis reactions, and also has the function of regulating the acid-base balance in the body. Without water, cell tissue cannot function normally, nutrients and oxygen cannot be transported, and people cannot survive. In order for the human cells to benefit from water the actual water clusters (crystals) must be small enough to pass through the cell walls. The turbulence within the Yamizu reduces the size of the water clusters enabling the water to penetrate the human cell. In most circumstances, health foods and water cannot penetrate the human cell and therefore does not provide much or any health benefit. The Yamizu device ensures maximum benefit of the water and other health products. Normal water has too high of a cluster rating, therefore the water cannot pass through the cell and can even end up blocking the passages.
  • The water passing through Yamizu turns the spin cycle of electrons into counterclockwise rotation. Generally, water and fluid passing through general metal pipes have a clockwise rotation cycle, which is harmful to human health. However, if the water rotates in a counterclockwise cycle, it is consistent with the body’s molecular structure and is beneficial to health. Clockwise rotation is consistent with the molecular composition of insects, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. All beverages usually bought in stores, such as mineral water, fruit juice, soda water, and milk, rotate clockwise and are prone to infection with bacteria or viruses that are harmful to the human body. Drinking water through the Yamizu equipment is beneficial to humans (promoting blood circulation and metabolism helps healthy living), and at the same time helps to eliminate these bacterial and parasitic infections.
  • Every human cell has a set of electrons that give us vitality and life. As free radicals and toxins contaminate our cells, electrons are released into these pollutants to neutralize them. This is how our body’s immune system automatically fights the pollutants. Once all the electrons in the cell are used up, the cell will die. This is what we usually call the aging process phenomenon. The electrons in the water flowing through Yamizu are injected with vitality, which helps to rebuild our cells and fight against free radicals and pollutants.
  • Yamizu has a special shape and temperature, has a healthy frequency and 9 different minerals. This is what distinguishes Yamizu from any other device-a statement backed by independent scientific research and testimony of countless positive reviews from current users.

Above information is taken from an interview with James Shan, the scientist and inventor of the Yamizu device, and scientific research done by the famous scientist and author Professor Silong Yang.

The energizer Yamizu bow is your healthier partner in the future.

Water quality test report ( Before & After )

Recommendations for the usage of Yamizu Bow

Recommendations for the usage of Yamizu Bow

Drink :   

Drink Yamizu water (The small molecule water) every day, It has strong osmotic power, diffusing power, dissolving power and metabolic power, and it is easier to remove free radicals, harmful acidic metabolites and various wastes through the exchange of water inside and outside cells, promote cell growth and development, and maintain cell vitality.

Bath or shower : 
Bathe in pure energizer Yamizu water could purify and refresh your body, detoxify your body from free radicals and replenish your body with energy. Long-term use of small-molecule water for bathing and washing hands has strong cleaning power and saves water. It not only restore the original smoothness and luster of the skin, but also improve and help to a certain extent on skin problems. 

Oral Rinsing : 
Rinse  your mouth with energizer Yamizu water every morning could  remove scale, can effectively remove calculus, prevent gingivitis, and make teeth whiter and stronger. 

Nasal wash :
Rinse  the nostrils with energizer Yamizu water every morning. Pour water on your hands and breathe through both nostrils. Make sure you only inhale the water when there is no air. Then, without hesitation, he blocked one of the nostrils and exhaled water for the other nostril. Repeat the same process with the other nostril. In this way, you will effectively and thoroughly clean your sinus paths. 

Disease : 
Apply  a towel to the damaged part of the internal organs of the body. Pre- soak the towel in energizer Yamizu water for 1 hour. Before placing the towel on the problematic body part, squeeze the excess water out of the towel. Wait for the towel to dry. This may take several hours. In order to further enhance the effect of this treatment, please wear compresses throughout the day as possible. 

Washing : 
Washing towels and rags with Yamizu water would easy removes odors and less prone to mold growth. Washing clothes, not only easy to remove the dirt , but also to avoid fading. 

Open wounds and other traumas : 
Place the open wound under energizer Yamizu water, the activity of many enzymes is enhanced, biochemical reactions are improved, cell growth is promoted, the body can be repaired faster, and wounds can be healed. 

Soak legs and feet : 
Soak  your legs in a large water container every day until you reach your knees. It can make the lower limbs drive the whole body to be heated and sweat. On the one hand, it can dispel wind and cold to relax muscles, dilate blood vessels, and promote blood circulation; cells, speed up cell metabolism, enhance cell vitality and organ function. 

Cooking : 
Use energizer Yamizu water Cooking rice and porridge. Wash the rice raw materials with Yamizu water first, then soak them in fresh Yamizu water for 5-10 minutes, and steam them with Yamizu water. The nutrients are fully analyzed, the rice is fragrant, the taste is excellent and delicious. 

For plants and livestock :
Use  Yamizu Water watering flowers, arranging flowers: It can prolong the flowering time, make the flowers large and beautiful, the leaves are bright, and there are no pests and diseases. Seedling raising: Use magnetized water to raise garlic sprouts and hatch bean sprouts, no mold, fast germination, high germination rate, thick stems, long roots, plant height, and nutritional hygiene. 

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