About Us

We believe in sustainable living. Mind and body wellness are choices that start with building conscious habits. So when we realized the immense impact drinking water could have on our well-being – as well as the environment – we decided to create YAMIZU.

Learn about the most revolutionary invention to kill 93% of bacteria in the water and to remove heavy metals.

Bottled water is one of the biggest threats to our planet, with over 100 million plastic bottles trashed every day in the US alone. 

Engineer and scientist Sinder Peng created the Yamizu device, the perfect product to clean heavy metals from drinking water and eliminate 93% of bacteria.

About Finesun

Finesun Worldwide Group Inc. was established in Mar. 1991 in Hsinchu Taiwan, basically as a medical device manufacturer and exporter. Moved factory to Huizhou, Guang Dong China in Apr. 2001 and expand Business of Solar Relative products. Set up Chinsun Trade Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong in Mar. 2015 for global business management.

Finesun is one of the leading and most experienced manufacturers of beauty care and health care equipment and accessories, and we specialize in TENS and EMS devices. More than 30 years of experience in producing Beauty care & health fitness massage equipment and accessories enables our company to have strong abilities in research and development manufacturing, sales, and marketing.

In addition, all products are designed to meet customers’ needs and requirements and are upgraded continuously and rapidly to follow fashion in various markets.
Nowadays, we make efforts to develop human health business, design new product of PT-252 Yamizu Bow to satisfy our customer’s needs and new expand marketing in human health and green farm field.