6 Benefits of Drinking Water


6 benefits of drinking more water !

  1. The brain becomes flexible. Water is one of the keys to maintaining the normal functioning of the brain. It is related to brain memory, emotions, and visual concentration, because up to 90% of the blood is water. Blood water carries oxygen into the brain. As long as there is a lack of water, it will be ischemia, leading to hypoxia in the brain. The brain accounts for 20% of the oxygen consumption in the body, and enough oxygen can make the brain run faster and more flexible.
  2. Healthier blood vessels Drinking plenty of water can help reduce blood viscosity and reduce the incidence of blood clots, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Anti-aging and youthful water can activate cells, accelerate body metabolism and detoxify. And the elasticity of the skin also depends on moisture to support, so drinking enough moisture every day can help repair the skin and look younger.
  1. Relieve joint pain. The junction between joints is cartilage, and cartilage is mainly composed of water, collagen, proteoglycan and other ingredients. Cartilage can provide joint lubrication and cushioning when it is sufficiently hydrated, and can withstand the impact of body weight and exercise.
  1. Improve resistance. Water is a very important existence. It participates in the circulation of the whole body and can help the cells and tissues of the human body to maintain normal physiological functions. It can transport nutrients and oxygen to various tissues, as well as excrete waste products through the liver and kidneys. When the wastes and toxins in the body are discharged from the body, the resistance will naturally increase.
  1. Accelerate metabolism When the body has enough water, it can accelerate the metabolism in the body and help detoxify and lose weight. Studies have shown that insufficient water intake can lead to fat accumulation. On the contrary, if adequate water intake is provided, it can effectively reduce fat accumulation in the body. ※Small reminder: The human body has an upper limit for water absorption, so you need to drink water in divided doses. On average, the human body can absorb about 200c.c. of water in 20 minutes. Drinking fast and large amounts of water is actually a futile job. It is recommended that you keep the water in an easy-to-access location, and drink a few sips when you think of it.


Drink enough water for your head and your knees don’t hurt!